Overflow / Common Parking Area

Update: 19-Oct-2018

Several attempts were made to complete the re-striping of the overflow parking lot this fall. We appreciate your cooperation with this. However due to some weather and timing issues, this was not achieved. We will be tackling this project in spring once the snow has gone and weather permitting. In mean time we appreciate your continued cooperation and we will make it through the winter as is.


As of August 31st this common area will no longer be available for the parking of Campers, Travel Trailers, Motor Homes etc. The Condo Board has been receiving numerous complaints about parking issues for a long time and now it is time to address the situation. In today’s society and with the type of vehicles in the area that cater to working in the oil and forestry sector, we just cannot accommodate the vehicles requirements with our current conditions. Therefore the common parking area is going to be vacated of the storage of recreational vehicles and storage of long term automobiles etc. and re configured to accommodate a larger number of cars and trucks.

It has been decided and approved unanimously by the board that on Sept 1st 2018 we will be restructuring the overflow parking lot.

We hereby request that all owners remove any RV’s and oversize vehicles by Aug 31st 12:00 noon.

Please be advised that this will take place Sept 1st 2018 and therefore any vehicles left in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.