Albertans are allowed to consume cannabis in their homes and in some public spaces where smoking tobacco is allowed, but use will be banned in cars and other places.

In an effort to protect children and limit second-hand exposure, public smoking or vaping of cannabis in Alberta will be prohibited from any place where tobacco is restricted.

In the short period of time that cannabis has become legal, Woodland Court has received a number of complaints about the smoking of cannabis in such close proximity to their units.

The Woodland Court Corporation has therefore adopted a rule to regulate the smoking of cannabis products on the Woodland Court Property:

The rules are in place to minimize the exposure to second hand smoke.

Cannabis         (Rule #3)

The smoking of All Cannabis and related smokable products is prohibited on the common property of the Corporation. This includes the back yards of the Condo Units which is designated common property. Although legalization is a federal decision, provinces and municipalities are responsible for setting rules with respect to cannabis consumption. Due to the proximities of neighbors in the tight confines of Woodland Court, smoking cannabis products is not permitted in the back yards of the condo units or any other common property areas. (General Meeting Minutes 8-May-2019)

Refer to the Woodland Court Rules and Regulations Supplement to the Woodland Court Bylaws.