Back Lane Way Fences – Summer 2019 – Schedule
Pot Holes – Early August – Completed for 2018
Concrete Pads – Early August – Completed 2018
Chimney Vent Liners – Pending Review and more information / details required
Back Lane Way West end gate replacement – Pending
Common Parking Area Re-Striping – Fall 2019

Back Lane Way Fences – Summer 2019

     Schedule – Estimated
Block G  Units 10-17     July 1
Block F  Units 18-21     July 6
Block E  Units 22-25     July 10
Block D  Units 26-33     July 15
Block C  Units 34-37     July 19
Block B  Units 38-41     July 23
Block A  Units 42-49     July 27

As you should be aware the Corporation is planning for the replacement of the back fence at all the units this year. This project is anticipated to commence approx. the first week in July.

This is a big undertaking and your cooperation will be required to ensure a trouble free project.

It is anticipated that this project will take approx. 4 weeks. Weather could be a factor and may cause delays. We will start at the east end, Unit 10, and move west. A complete block at one time will be demolished, all new posts will then be replaced, followed by construction of the fence.

During this operation your back yards will be exposed (fence-less) – for several days.
You must ensure that your yards are clean enough not to impede the project.
You must ensure that if you have pets, that they are controlled and kept indoors during the project as not to cause any issues with the contractors.
Your vehicles will need to be parked (during the day) offsite of your parking areas.
You must ensure that if you have anything in your back yards that will impede the construction, that it is dealt with, IE: Sheds, shrubs, trees, etc.

Any additional work required by the contractors above and beyond the expected normal will be billed to the units at $35 / hour.

If your unit is a rental unit, it is your responsibility to inform your tenants and keep them updated. Also please ensure that if your unit is a rental unit that the board has the current registration information for your tenants. It may be necessary to contact people on short notice for issues and this is a bylaw requirement.

If your unit is a 3 bedroom unit (in blocks A or D) and you currently have some personalized fencing – you must submit a plan to the board as to the detail of your fencing. The association will replace the current fencing only with the standard materials unless otherwise approved.

The new fences will be constructed with MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber as standard material.

Once nearing the start of the project and for the duration we will keep each unit block up to date on expected project timing.

Again this is a big undertaking this year and your cooperation will be required to the fullest in order to complete this project with minimum of hassle.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.